Modern wrinkles to traditional scorekeeping


ST. LOUIS — Baseball’s expanded use of replay and the increasing (exponentially) use of defensive shifts have had ripple effects on the game’s offense, the game’s officiating, and, yes, even the game’s scorebook shorthand. In a blog today at, I made some suggestions for how to score shifts and what notation can be used for replays, whether they’re overturned or not.

Goold: Modern challenges to traditional scorekeeping.



2 thoughts on “Modern wrinkles to traditional scorekeeping

  1. Just finished reading the article over at stltoday – excellent and a fun read.

    Would really like to see some images of that Cubs writer.

    Assuming we look back at a game that’s historic or was a key win in some way, your nomenclature for scoring provides the full picture, the complete story of what happened play by play.

    Me? I’m still stuck scoring 5-3 when a third baseman guns down the batter when playing on the right side of the infield.

    Excellent read – thanks!


  2. Greg Garcia’s rbi single in the eighth turned out to be really important. He’s just a ball player who does his job. He seems to get key hits and walks. I remember when he first came up a few years ago. Might of been his first at bat and he draws a walk off bases loaded walk. Do a story on him, how about.

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