These are the further adventures of a father, husband, baseball writer, devoted newspaperman, wannabe polemicist, lapsed cartoonist, craic backer, scorebook scribbler, and failed costumed vigilante. I failed in my attempt to reclaim a spot as a world record-setting second baseman. Played too much third base. I haven’t found a pub in the world that I couldn’t call home. Just your average friendly neighborhood word-slinger who is trying to find a way to write a better story even better.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Mr. Goold – Thank you for a great season. Your writings about the St. Louis Cardinals are integral to my experience as a fan of the team. I look forward to your “chats” as much as I look forward to the games. Thanks for lending your insights, good humor and wit to this cause. Best regards, Mark Portier

  2. Beat you to Jupiter by a few days. One year I think you printed somewhere a schedule of the daily spring training practice routines. Can you do it again? One of the gate attendants used to pass them out a few years ago, but I did not see that available last year.

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