Modern wrinkles to traditional scorekeeping


ST. LOUIS — Baseball’s expanded use of replay and the increasing (exponentially) use of defensive shifts have had ripple effects on the game’s offense, the game’s officiating, and, yes, even the game’s scorebook shorthand. In a blog today at, I made some suggestions for how to score shifts and what notation can be used for replays, whether they’re overturned or not.

Goold: Modern challenges to traditional scorekeeping.


The Boy Wonder in a Paper Bag

TOWER GROVE — The boy wonder, all of 7 now, returned home from his first day of second grade with a paper bag and an assignment.

He had to pour himself into it.

His teacher had asked each member of the class to take home a paper bag, one about the size of a lunch sack. The students could use markers to color their bag however they wanted. Ian covered his in colorful stars. The outside was decoration, not the purpose. What they put inside was the challenge. The boy wonder’s teacher asked each of her students to put five things — and five things only — in the bag. Those five things had to define the student. She wanted the boy wonder and his classmates to introduce themselves to each other and to the teachers with five things that revealed who they are. This wasn’t the five things they would want on a deserted island or their five favorites things in the world, but five things that said who they are.

With help from his mom, here are the five things the boy wonder put in his bag and his explanation on why each one matters to him: Continue reading