Turbulence Even Before Takeoff

DENVER — If the boy wonder wanted a guys’ trip for Christmas so that he, as he explained, could “go on a trip like Daddy does for work” then he got every bit of authenticity he could have wished for — right down to the delays, a hydraulic leak, a gate change or four, airline switches and, best of all, delayed luggage.

He also got something completely unexpected, even for this road warrior: mistaken identity.

The day started off so well.

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The Boy Wonder’s Great Jetway Adventure

SUPERIOR, Colo. – There must be something about looking up at the world that alters (improves?) a kid’s perspective. Movies are that much larger. Ballparks are that much grander. Darth Vader is that much more Darth.

It’s as if everything is skewed or exaggerated just 12 degrees off normal so that candy is sweeter, mornings are animated and Barney is entertaining.

They can tell the difference between Dippin’ Dots and ice cream, create endless playtime possibilities out of a tire gauge, and see adventure in the sliver of light between a jetway and an airplane.

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