The Cardinals and Ketchup Connection

TOWER GROVE — The benefit of having a curious child who has yet to find the thing that doesn’t inspire a question is the unexpected connections he makes throughout the day, leaping from topic to topic like electric current from outlet to finger.

Baseball cards might lead to a question about candles because, you know, wax packs. A discussion about the Chicago Bears might veer into a question about having a picnic because, well, Yogi is a bear. Spider-Man can prompt a question about Costa Rica because we saw a spider there. And, this morning, a “Stuart Little” movie on television inspired him to ask if I remember a time with Captain America went “swording” (his verb for swordplay) because … well, I’m not quite sure.

And that’s the beauty of it. Who knows what synapse fired when he saw a talking mouse and needed to know immediately whether the star-spangled Avenger had ever been forced to ditch the shield for a good old-fashioned cutlass?

So, it wasn’t a surprise at dinner this past week when he had a question.

“Daddy, if you don’t like ketchup,” he began, “how come you like the Cardinals?”

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